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Easy Home Sales San Tan Valley

If you’re looking for easy home sales in San Tan Valley, we can help. We’re Suzanne MacDonald Lantigua and Fred Lantigua, a local real estate team. We specialize in residential home sales, valuation, and marketing. Let us show you an overview of the steps we’ll take to sell your home quickly for top dollar. It helps that homes in this area are in constant high demand.

We’ll use the MLS to research your home’s asset value from property inspection reports and appraisal data collected by the bank that holds the mortgage. We’ll plug in square footage information for the house and the property. We’ll also need details from you about changes to your home, such as added-on rooms, swimming pools, etc.

Once we have your home’s value, tell us about damages to the foundation, wiring, plumbing, the wooden structure, etc. when we estimate repair costs for your buyer to get a loan, we’ll have what we need to put a plan in place to market your home to the top bidder through effective marketing and a staged showroom. We’ll assist in all of this, but it all starts with a free phone consultation that allows us to begin the research.

So, if you’re ready to experience easy home sales in San Tan Valley, call today, and we’ll get started. The time we spend gathering this data is a crucial step in planning a winning strategy. This is my actual value to you. The call is free, there’s no obligation, and the information we provide is yours to keep. Once again, we’re Suzanne MacDonald Lantigua and Fred Lantigua. Thanks, we look forward to our chat.

  • Discover how easy home sales in San Tan Valley is as simple as working with a real estate expert in your area, specializing in home valuation and marketing.

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