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Single Family Residence Maricopa

If you want a single-family residence in Maricopa, we can help. We’re Suzanne MacDonald Lantigua and Fred Lantigua, a local real estate team. We offer a free consultation, so we can speak freely about your real estate goals. We help you target specific properties on the MLS that show you a list of the best matches, according to your needs, budget, and timeline.

This market offers access to neighborhood homes in a general price range of under $200K for a 3-bed/1.5 bath to under $800K for a 3-bed/3.5 bath, which is bigger, nicer, and has deluxe amenities. Regardless of where you choose in this market, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a family-friendly community with great weather, a good cost of living, and above-average public schools.

Maricopa is a mid-sized town in Arizona with just under 50K people. It’s somewhat rural in the feel, but there are many parks, social diversity, and active nightlife. As a result, it’s popular with families and young professionals. We’ll be happy to search the MLS to target properties that meet your needs, budget, and timeline. When we’re done, you’ll have a list of actual candidates to review at home.

So, if you’re ready to find the right single-family residence in Maricopa, call today, and we’ll get started. The time we spend gathering accurate data is the crucial step in planning a win. The call is free, there’s no obligation, and the information we provide is yours to keep. Once again, we’re Suzanne MacDonald Lantigua and Fred Lantigua. Thanks, we look forward to our visit with you.

Helpful insights: https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/maricopa-pinal-az/reviews/

  • Find a single-family residence in Maricopa with the help of a local real estate expert.

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